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In Every Family Room.

FaithStream helps churches reach the family room of 80% of their community with Netflix caliber apps such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV and more.


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Streaming Should not be Frustrating.

Do you ever wish you had more control of your streaming platforms? We know inappropriate ads and comments can be frustrating.  We offer an easy-to-use streaming solution that is free of unwanted distractions.

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Streaming should be a part of
every ministry’s outreach plan.

80% of US
Homes Stream

80% of U.S. homes, that’s 8 out of 10, have at least one streaming device, such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV and more. With FaithStream every home in your city has the opportunity to hear your message through secure and effortless streaming with zero distractions.

Personally Connect with Everyone

Streaming isn’t only for Millennials or GEN Z. While they are actively engaged viewers, middle to older generations are also very highly engaged as well. With FaithStream, you can connect, engage, and serve all ages in your church and city in a more personal way.


Streaming on Facebook and YouTube can be frustrating. The problem often increases due to lack of control of negative comments and inappropriate ads. FaithStream offers a better solution with a channel/app designed and made just for you that is simple to use.

Fire TV

We help churches & ministries build and maintain Netflix-caliber connected tv apps on the most popular streaming devices.

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Your network can have the same experience across all streaming media players; and with Faithstream, you manage your content strategy in one place and it updates across all players automatically.  In short, we make it easy.


Ad-Free Content

Branded Interface


Easy Upload

Responsive Design


Our affordable custom design and development onboarding fee combined with a monthly subscription plan that fits your budget will make working with Faithstream financially manageable for your ministry.

WebTV Only $129

per month


WebTV + Roku $179

per month


WebTV + Roku + AppleTV $229

per month


Most Popular

WebTV + Roku + AppleTV + Amazon FireTV $259

per month


WebTV + Roku + AppleTV + iOS + Amazon FireTV + AndroidTV + Android (Google Play) $349

per month


*Pricing does not include the one-time branded channel build-out.


Our Process

• Kick-off / Discovery Meeting
• Architecture, Design, and Server-Side Account Setup
• Custom Channel Graphics & Mockups
• Channel Build-out & Private Test Channel
• System Testing / Quality Assurance
• Applications and QC process direct with Connected TV Providers
• Packaging of Submission to Channel / App Stores
• Training of Faithstream Video CMS
• Turn-up (go live) of your Channel(s)

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